640 Front Street, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 

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Belle Surf Café


Our coffee is always organic and always served at fair trade standards

Please place your order and pay at the counter 



Coffee Lovers:


Iced Cold Brew: Single origin coffee taking 8 to 12 hours to brew taking away almost all acidity. Smooth and silky, perfect for a hot day.  



Flat White: It is the size of a cappuccino but more milky. It’s made up of one-third espresso, two-thirds steamed milk and just a touch of swirled froth on top.



Americano: At even the Best Coffee Shops in Maui, this yummy coffee is mainly black. If you are looking for double shot, then this is it. Beware as it’s really strong!



Macchiato: This has a single shot but is equally delicious. The milk would be frothed. If you are looking for something stronger in coffee shops near me, then opt for “Double Machiatto”. $4.25/$4.50


Latte: For those who prefer a touch of coffee with their milk, rather than the other way around, this will get you a shot of espresso in lots of hot milk with little or no froth. Non dairy options are also available. 



Love Latte: Made with organic beet. Because all you need is love. You can only find it at Belle Surf.



Golden Milk Latte: Made with Turmeric, organic honey & ginger. Drink it hot. The benefit of Turmeric is : anti inflammatory,prevent cancer, lots of anti oxidants,improve liver function, reduce risk of leukemia, reduce risk of alzheimer, prevent blood vessel diseases.



Nutella Latte: Because you deserve a special treat today



Mocha: this is a combination of chocolate and coffee and has a good amount of whipped cream too. Every children’s favorite, this is indeed a must try.



Chai latte: This is more than just chai and coffee! You can have this if you are not a very big fan of coffee. The ingredients are cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and much more.



Dirty Chai: Add shots of espresso to any chai latte, to make it dirty. This drink is perfect for those that enjoy the best of both worlds. 



Bulletproof: See our blog for all of the added benefits from this yummy cup of coffee! Grassfed butter and organic coconut oil make this drink all sorts of healthy and delicious. (Served only in a 16oz)



Treesap:  This drink is a barista wide favorite here at Belle Surf. Two shots of espresso pulled into local honey, with the two added to a cup of iced cold drip and topped with coconut milk. This drink is subtly sweet, but outright amazing.



Matcha Green Tea Coconut Frappe: Matcha fans around with tell you that it's refreshing & earthy taste is perfect for any green tea lover. We have our own spin on it here, where we add coconut milk and a sweetner of your choice, and blended it until its cold and perfectly smooth and mixed.



Milk Options:








Super Smoothies:

Aloha Kiss:

Chunky Monkey:

Lost in Paradise:


Jade Sea:


Alternative drink options:

Don't feel like a coffee?  Please come and enjoy our cafe atmosphere and order whatever you like! 

Hot Chocolate 

Tea (Hot or Iced)


Hawaiian Gingerade  


Flavored Syrup $.80:

Homemade Vanilla

Homemade Almond

Macadamia Nut


Salted Caramel


Sugarfree Vanilla



Additional Add-In's:

Chocolate Syrup $0.80

Whip Cream $1.00