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Why You Should Be Drinking Bulletproof Coffee Every Darn Day

July 25, 2016


            Fitness and health gurus around are declaring the unheard of, that fat is GOOD!

Of course, there are different kinds of fats, good and bad, just like anything else in this world. But its been shown that our health can actually benefit when consuming these good fats. Hence, the bulletproof coffee phenomenon was born. It’s been making a big move in the coffee world lately, but what exactly is it?


Hot coffee, preferably a medium roast + unsalted, grass fed butter + organic coconut oil.

Throw it all into a blender and mix until a beautiful froth is formed and you’ve got yourself the best cup of bulletproof coffee you’ve ever had. You might be thinking, why would anyone blend hot coffee? Its well known that oil and water (aka coffee) don’t mix. In order to make sure they don’t separate, and that the fats and coffee coexist in a perfectly balanced cup of coffee, blending the ingredients is essential.


This cup of coffee is not only loaded with good fats, but also loaded with amazing benefits.


We are talking increased cognitive brain function, improved memory, longer lasting and increased energy (compared to your regular cup of joe), and boosted metabolism levels.

This cup of coffee is maybe one of the healthiest things that you’ll put in your body all day. Don’t knock it till you try it!


We are proudly featuring our own variation of bulletproof coffee on the menu here at Belle Surf Café. We are the only café in the Kihei, south side, area that is serving it. Come on in and try it for yourself, we are positive you’ll finally fall in love with fat.  



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