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August 26, 2016

Belle Surf Cafe is known for preparing the best coffee and always made to  high quality, traditional brewing standards. One of the ways we prepare coffee here is by utilizing the pour over method. We can create pour overs in either a V60 or Chemex form. Many prefer the pour over preparation over standard drip methods because of the purity and crispness that is created. 


Each pour over is freshly made per each order. The coffee is never ground ahead of time, keeping that quality within the bean itself. We never have coffee sitting in a pot. When you order coffee here, you get your order specially and freshly made. 

The filter used for a V60 is slightly thicker compared to others that are used with different brewing methods. The thickness of the filter allows us to capture those subtle flavors within each bean. It truly showcases what is special about that specific coffee, capturing and amplifying the uniqueness that typically might go unnoticed when made with other brewers. Flavors can range from cherries and pomegranates, to peppery finishes and deep caramel notes.  


We carry a variety of coffee beans with different blends and origins, making your cup of coffee truly personalized. Our coffee is always organic and always made to fair trade standards. The Colombia and Guatemala roasts might be your perfect fit, or possibly the Yemen or Burundi is more your match. Whatever your flavor preferences, we are sure to meet it here at Belle Surf. Come in today to try one for yourself and let us make you a perfect cup of coffee. 










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